Histoires disputes et discours des diables, des magiciens infames…



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Histoires, disputes et discours des illusions et impostures des diables, des magiciens infames, sorcières et empoisonneurs; des ensorcelez et demoniaques et de la guèrison d’ iceux; item de la punition que maritent… Le tout compris en six livres.- Deux dialogues touchant le pouvoir des sorcières et de la punition qu’ elles meritent par Thomas Erastus.  Paris, 1885.  2 volumi in- 8°, m. pelle verde con larghe punte, copertine originali conservate.   (4), lviii, (2), 624 pp. , ritratto dell’ autore f.t.;    (4), vi, 608 pp.   Tiratura di 150 esemplari << sur papier du Japon >> numerati a penna  (n. 49).  Bellissimo esemplare in una legatura nuova.   Edizione accuratissima del testo francese tradotto dal latino nel 1579.   << Weyer was the first European physician to take an empirical scientific approach to the study of mental illness. At the height of the witchcraft delusion he argued that the witches were mantally ill women who desserved humane treatment instead of torture and punishment. Weyer reduced the clinical problems of psychopathology to simple terms of everyday life and everyday human, inner experiences >>   ( Garrison – Morton, 4916 ).   Hirsch, V, pp. 916-17.   Zilboorg, History of medical psychology, pp. 207-35.   Alexander – Selesnick, History of psychiatry, pp. 86-88.   Zilboorg, The medical man and the witch during the Renaissance, pp. 109-207.                  LA FOLLIA DELLE STREGHE

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